NOTE: Prices are only approximate. You will be given the precise amount at the appointment

X-ray and CT diagnostics

Periapical X-ray
PLN 50
Panoramic X-ray
PLN 100
8x4 CT scan
PLN 250
4x4 CT scan
PLN 200

Conservative dentistry

Dental consultation with treatment plan
PLN 100
Follow-up examination for regular patients
Composite filling (depending on the size)
PLN 200 - 300
Tooth reconstruction following endodontic treatment
PLN 500
Fibreglass reinforcement of a tooth
PLN 500

Prophylaxis and whitening

PLN 200
PLN 200
Full oral hygienisation (scaling + sandblasting + fluoride varnishing)
PLN 300
PLN 1100

Root canal treatment

Single root canal teeth (incisors, canines)
PLN 600
Premolar teeth
PLN 800
Molar teeth
PLN 1000
Root canal re-treatment
PLN 300
added to the base price and other


We offer a full range of implant treatments
Single implant
PLN 2700
Standard implant-supported crown
from PLN 1900
Screw-retained implant crown
PLN 2400
All on six
priced individually
All on four
priced individually
Guided bone regeneration
from PLN 1500
Maxillary sinus lift
from PLN 2500


All-porcelain crowns (emax, zirconia)
PLN 1500 - 1600
Porcelain crown on nickel-free base
PLN 1000
Composite inlay/onlay
PLN 1000
Ceramic onlay
PLN 1200
Porcelain veneers
PLN 1800
Frame denture
from PLN 2000
Acrylic denture
from PLN 1500
Flexible denture
PLN 2200
Crown-root inlay
from PLN 400

Dental surgery

Tooth extraction
PLN 250
Surgical extraction
PLN 600
Maxillary wisdom tooth extraction
PLN 500
Mandibular wisdom tooth extraction
PLN 700
Surgical treatment of oroantral fistula
PLN 400

Paediatric dentistry

Introductory appointment
PLN 80
Filling in a deciduous tooth
PLN 150
Root canal treatment by amputation
PLN 200
Deciduous tooth extraction
PLN 150
Fluoride varnish
PLN 100

Accepted payments

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rodzaje płatności